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RED LIGHTS FLASH : And Time Goes by

Debut album from ANTI-FLAG obsessed Austrians

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Agitated, politicised punk from darkest Austria. Call me a sceptic but I wasn't really expecting much from this. Austria isn't particularly noted for it's musical output and if anyone can name another punk band from there then i'll give them a biscuit. All the more surprising, then, that this is perhaps the best political punk album since Propagandhi's "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes." In fact almost everything about 'And time goes by', be it the frenzied, pummelling passages, the political and social rants and even the breakdowns and more melodic pieces bring that band to mind. But then if you're going rip someone off you may as well rip off the best, right? 'And time goes by' may fly past in a little over 25 minutes but punk fans will love every second of it "
Kerrang! - Issue 886 - Jan 12 2002.

It's a pretty crap review really, even so I like it for its knuckleheaded writing and ultimately it does say the right things about this great record. So yeah!.
RedLightsFlash have since signed with A-F Records in the US.


1. No Reply
2. P(owerful) C(hoices)
3. Unanimous
4. High Time for Setting up a Wail
5. The Red Tape
6. The Stones Unturned
7. No Life Assurance
8. Contaminate the Unison
9. Implied Warranty
10. Glorified Servant - A Dedicated Man
11. Every Single Breath
12. Lose this Day

Recorded in 3 sessions at Birthmark Studios Vienna, in 2001
Released December 2001

Cat. no. HAUS045

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