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ANTIMANIAX : (I'm without Sleep in this)Desert of Concrete

2nd and last mini album of furious political punk/ska from Austria


ANTIMANIAX have gained a reputation for their frantic live shows, fearlessness in the face of amplifier stacks and for pioneering the guitar-case surfing movement. They are fierce believers in their anti-authoritarian politics, and embody the DIY punk ethic, writing their own songs, starting a gig collective in their hometown, setting up their own recording studio and recording themselves and other Graz bands.

This was their final album.


1. Don't steal because the Government hates competition
2. I can smell my freedom
3. I'm without sleep in this desert of concrete
4. In front of our eyes
5. G8
6. Symbol
7. Freedumb
8. Sir.vival
9. +???+

Produced and mixed by Herwig Zamernik & Antimaniax
Recorded at Fuzzroom, Klagenfurt, Austria
Mastered by R. Metnitzer at Electric Audio, Dobl, Austria
Video production : Jurgen b.
Released July 2003

Cat. no. HAUS058

Release Date : July 2003

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