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DA SKYWALKERS : Smalltown Saviours

Debut album of fist in the air Swedish hardcore punk

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DA SKYWALKERS from Sweden - the first album with Household Name mixing classic streetpunk suss ala the Clash & Rancid and every track is a killer. It's a loud & furious riot of an album with the only respite being on 'Some Day'. Tracks like 'Media Control' & 'No Room For The Self Thinking' have a Discharge feel & 'Soul,Heart & Mind' could be the Dropkick Murphys at their very best. Far from being a 'soundalike' album though, Da Skywalkers have their own individual sound & edge which shows throughout.


1. Soul, Heart and Mind
2. Tough Cop
3. Let Go
4. Gagged & Blindfolded
5. Protest Song (The Show must go on)
6. Stuck here with you
7. Media Control
8. The Kids of Tomorrow
9. Some Day
10. No Room for Self Thinking
11. We want our share
12. Missing P
13. Power through Numbers
14. onetwothreefour

Recorded August/September 2001 at Soundlab Studios by Mathias Farm & Kryckan
Released in January 2002

Cat. No. HAUS047

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